Far East Reunion 2015

Once again, VICS volunteers gathered for a reunion at Seabright in Antigonish.  Using a Refugees at a theme, watched a 1990 movie called ‘The Watch’ and were amazed at how refugees’ struggles haven’t changed.  Francis Folleh, Spiritan provincial superior, shared his experiences as a refugee when he was a seminarian.  VICS volunteers also attended a fundraiser for a refugee family in Antigonish.  As always, sharing experiences and being reacquainted is a huge part of the weekend.  Amazing fall colours added to the already diverse, colourful weekend!

Seabright wonderful visits sharing a meal

sharing stories  meeting new people IMG_6055  Sharing stories  VICS volunteers reunitedFrancis Folley, provincial superior and Joyce de Gooijer, VICS director IMG_6124 Sharing stories

 Breakfast VICS Far East Reunion 2015  Doing dishes   Watching 'The March' Best Potluck Ever! Young people, too!!