St. Louis High School – Teaoraereke, Tarawa, Kiribati

The main part of our stay in Kiribati was at the guest house in Teaoraereke.  It’s new since we were there, now on the road to the Sister’s house, and across from what used to be the volunteer house – now part of staff housing.

Students at St. Louis High School were writing exams, so we didn’t have a chance to see them in class.  I thought, especially for former volunteers, I’d walk you through the compound.

Walking from the church toward St. Louis High School

church at Teaoraereke  inside of Teaoraereke church  bell beside church  walking from the road to St. Louis 4  walking from the road to St. Louis 3  walking from the road toward St. Louis 2  walking from the road toward St. Louis 1  volunteer house

Walking through St. Louis High School Compound

panoramic view of school compound

walking through the compound toward the ocean

St. Louis High School - walking into the compound old volunteer house 1 behind the old volunteer house classroom St. Louis classroom walking toward the ocean  insideclassroom1  insdie classroom2  inside classroom 3  St. Louis compound looking toward the ocean  classroomwalking through the compound toward the road

walking from the ocean side to the road  water tank - collects water off the roof - something new  field and school bathrooms in background  IMG_2021  staff housing  staff housing  staff housing

and a quick look at the football field

field  IMG_1988

…and a couple more pictures


Brother Donald, CEO and Brother Chris, St. Louis principal  Sisters' house