Building a Classroom

VICS is thrilled to be associated with an amazing head teacher and community in a Maasai area of Kenya. People often ask how VICS can continue our work during this time of CoVid and no travel. The answer is easy.

VICS has had a relationship with Agnes, the head teacher, for over 30 years. It is through this relationship that we have been able to work directly with her, the school board, and community at Olooserian Primary School.

Joyce, VICS director and Agnes, Olooserian Primary School head teacher

Though parts of the world have experienced shut downs during the CoVid pandemic, schools continue to plan for reopening. Olooserian has seen such positive infrastructure and personnel development that the school has grown more in the past few years than in the equivalent previous years.

VICS is thrilled with the local contribution – people’s willingness to make the school their own and take responsibility for its development.

Olooserian community members at classroom construction meeting

Classroom construction has started. Check it out.

Stay tuned for updates and watch for further developments!