CoVid Impact

Women living in a Kampala slum and part of the Mirembe (Hope) Project continue to be impacted by CoVid. All 37 women were beginning to see ‘a way through’, selling products from small stalls, earning money to pay their children’s school fees, and in some instances, managing to save a little money.

Because women aren’t able to sell their products, their source of income has dried up. The picture above shows a woman’s one-room house. Her landlord’s son was asking his dad for money. The father said he had no money because he wasn’t able to collect rent. The result? The son removed the iron sheeting (the roof!!) and sold that for money. The women are now living in a one-room house without a roof.

What amazes me is the women’s ability to persevere. Because she was not able to pay rent, the woman above was kicked out of her home but has managed to find a temporary room. At every turn there seems to be one more thing that challenges them and adds to their struggle. Their continued belief that ‘this too shall pass’ and things will work out astounds me.