Friends for 30 years

Kenya was our first volunteer posting.  We were ‘given’ a family (or maybe they were given us) that would guide and mentor us as we navigated a new culture.  They not only taught us how to take local transport, buy at the market, and greet people, but they also became life-friends.

We’ve just returned from visiting them again.  Thirty years, a multitude of challenges and life celebrations later, they are family.  Volunteering not only gave us the chance to learn, but gave us a family.  VICS’ two-year volunteer opportunity gives the gift of time – time to learn, time to grow and time to connect heart-to-heart.  Here’s our family.

brothers family   brothers  friends

Namanga  in the matatuView through the front of the matatu (local transport).  I love the flags on the dashboard!  …and us inside before it filled up.

Visiting is coming home.  We love being involved in all the daily activities!  Whether making pyrogies (Kenyan style), learning to make ugali, cooked cabbage or chapatis, the end product is always an amazing meal!

making pyrogies Kenyan style  making ugali  img_2796  morning tea  breakfast  lunch time

Love the opportunity to do things together!  Making bracelets is fun!

making bangles    making bangles 2

A walk to the shops.

walking to the shops clothing store  New clothes, anyone?

Saying goodbye to family is always difficult.