Going Home – Part 1

One of the first things a VICS volunteer learns is that volunteering overseas is not about us – it’s about being present, building relationships, listening and learning.  Some of us are lucky enough to develop a relationship that changes us.  That was certainly true with us.  Almost 30 years ago we volunteered in a tiny Kenyan village called Githirioni.  We met a family who I have since called our guardian angel family.  They taught us what was really important – handshakes, greetings, how to take a matatu (local transport) to the market, and how to buy food.  Last year we were fortunate to see them again.

Cooking is not only part of the day, it’s a time for sharing.


   cooking ugali  morning tea  cooking cabbage

breakfast – bread and tea                                     cooking ugali                                                         tea break!                                                       cooking cabbage

making pyrogies Kenyan style sharing cultures – cooking pyrogies – Kenyan style