The Blessing of Water

In the past few months, Fr. Francis Folleh, C.S.Sp, spent time in Sierra Leone, supervising the construction of a well. People in a village had asked to have the well built so they would not have to walk 5 km+ 2 – 5 times per day to carry water for […]

Mother’s Day Around the World

VICS has been fortunate to serve women and children throughout the world. We have learned from and walked with moms in clinics, hospitals, huts, churches and schools, by wells and in kitchens, walking across plains and through forests, through droughts and monsoons, in slums, impoverished areas and traditional homes. To […]

Happy Easter

VICS volunteers and supporters gather in solidarity with those we serve and have served. During this Easter season, we share our light with those who feel unseen, unheard, and are marginalized. We spread our light not only to people in the 8 countries where we currently serve, but through the […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

VICS was founded by the Spiritans, Congregation of the Holy Ghost. Many of the founding priests were Irish. We wish them and everyone a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

#International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate women with whom VICS is connected. These innovative leaders are making significant changes in their communities. We are proud to share your journey with you.

Building a Classroom

VICS is thrilled to be associated with an amazing head teacher and community in a Maasai area of Kenya. People often ask how VICS can continue our work during this time of CoVid and no travel. The answer is easy. VICS has had a relationship with Agnes, the head teacher, […]

CoVid Impact

Women living in a Kampala slum and part of the Mirembe (Hope) Project continue to be impacted by CoVid. All 37 women were beginning to see ‘a way through’, selling products from small stalls, earning money to pay their children’s school fees, and in some instances, managing to save a […]

Mirembe Women

Thirty-seven women living in Katanga slum, Kampala, Uganda are being supported with a US$20 monthly microloan. This money helps them build their small business, providing them funds to feed their children and in some cases, pay school fees. Because of CoVid restrictions, they are not selling their products. The little […]