Just a few of our amazing volunteers!

Just a few of our amazing volunteers!



“You come to realize what are the necessities and what are not, what are the real priorities. You learn so much about values. You begin to look at things from a world perspective not just a consumer’s view.”

Gerry Merkx
Addison, Ontario


“The bridges we build are bridges of hope – linking us to each other and to those with whom we were privileged to spend at least two years of our lives.”

Lucy Klein-Gebbinck
Beaverlodge, Alberta


“VICS gave me the inspiration and encouragement to continue to work for social justice.”

Colleen Cameron
Antigonish, Nova Scotia


“. . . the most important thing we bring (on our assignment) is our ability to grow in relationship with each other. The most valuable gift we bring back is the story of our encounter with a people whose way of life we shared.”

Kathy Murtha
Toronto, Ontario


“We will always remember those with whom we journeyed overseas and we are ever so grateful and privileged to have walked with them.”

Ed and Margaret Tichon
Rorketon, Manitoba


“The great thing about being a volunteer in the developing world is that small actions and a little bit of commitment on our part make a huge difference in the lives of people.”

Rene Bernard
Vancouver, British Columbia


“Serving as a volunteer has reinforced my belief that the poorest people are the most generous.”

Myriam Antaki
Montreal, Quebec


“VICS gathers and binds hearts and minds. With those with whom I work, I have grown stronger in community, opportunity and faith.”

Michael Jemmett
Toronto, Ontario


“I learned so much from the people of Kiribati and appreciate deeply what they gave to me. I will thank God each time I think of my students and when I think of them my heart is filled with joy.”

Rosemarie Meidinger
Ladysmith, British Columbia