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Fast 2006

Fast-Reunion 2005



School sign   front of school   Principal Mendy and VICS director Joyce   Carpentry students     audiology lab   grade 1 classroom   ...especially women and girls...   Make haste slowly Principal Mendy   computer classroom   sewing classroom





school view from across the field   volunteer house   guest house   The 'U'   headmaster   IMG_6551   Kiribati cloth   nurse   water tank   small kia kias by the mwaneaba to study or visit

St. Joseph's mwaneaba   inside the church   IMG_6547   morning assembly   School entrance   new SJC sign   cross from the lagoon - notice the change in shoreline   cross on the lagoon side marking the school entrance   IMG_6491   IMG_6448

..and a little rain will fall...   library building   inside the church   IMG_6419   admin building   baking bread   stoking the fire to make soup   guest house view from the ocean side   kia kias between the guest house and the ocean side   small house behind the guest house

church   inside the library   The old volunteer house - now a guest house   clinic   soccer field with school on the other side   IMG_6474-1   writing exams   studying in class   studying in class   study time

review day   in class   teaching   serious rain   let it rain!!   wet? not really...   pouring rain...



Nicaragua 2013



South Africa

South Sudan 2014

2015-04-19 11.31.52    Luc and university librarian    IMG_1231    Luc in classroom at the old campus    IDP camp mass 1    VICS - Richard-1   old campus    old campus    new campus    2015-04-17 09.25.15 IMG_1437    IMG_1344    phase 2 construction    phase 2 construction    phase 2 construction    new campus    new campus   2015-04-17 12.07.42


Vancouver Reunion

For no apparent reason, our reunions start each year in the western part of Canada and work their way eastward.  The first is always in Vancouver.


IMG_8508-1    Vancouver Gathering 2016    Vancouver Gathering 2016    Vancouver Gathering 2016

Vancouver Reunion 2016    Vancouver Reunion 2016

Western Reunion

A vital part of being a volunteer with VICS plays out when one returns home to Canada.

Once settled again it is important to stay in touch with the experience of having lived and worked overseas.

This is made possible through regional VICS gatherings that take place each year



The 2005 Western VICS Reunion took place in May this year in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Dr. Mary Malone, a long time friend of VICS and who now resides in Ireland, facilitated the weekend.  The weekend was a great time for all who attended as can be seen from these pictures!


The 2006 VICS Western Reunion took place in May this year in Calgary, Alberta.  Sister Lucy Klein-Gebbinck, a former VICS volunteer in Samoa in the South Pacific who now resides in Camden, New Jersey, facilitated the weekend.  The weekend was great for all and the pictures prove it!

We also have a group shot from a VICS gathering that took place in Calgary early Spring 2006.  What a great bunch of volunteers!



Western Reunion

group picture    IMG_9715   IMG_9721-1   meeting again   IMG_9566   IMG_9542    IMG_9411   IMG_9401

IMG_9396   IMG_9379    IMG_9364   getting to know you   presentation   Bea and Rosemarie-1

Ottawa Reunion

Reunion #3, here we come!


laughter!!    IMG_3026   us   sharing stories

Toronto Reunion

The fourth cross-Canada reunion!


img_1518   img_1162   img_1160   img_1157   img_1140   img_1152   img_1148   img_1143   img_1141    img_1139

img_1138     img_1129    img_1138

Far East Reunion

This reunion is the final of 5 reunions across Canada.  It’s always a great weekend, where we share something thought provoking, thoughts about our overseas experiences and a whole lot of fun.


listening   sharing food - potluck supper day 2   after video discussion   preparation   listening   catching up   more discussions   watching We Were Children   potluck #1   new friends

sharing   sharing   more sharing of food, stories, memories and thoughts   watching videos