Are you between the ages of 21 – 65 and ready to serve overseas for two years?

If you are a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident there may be a VICS assignment for you!

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“It is not possible to take on the role of volunteers only on the wings of enthusiasm. This service calls for the spirit of poverty, the ability to work without ostentation, discreet and cordial friendship, sacrifice, listening, sensitivy to cultural and spiritual values, discernment and the witness of a truly Christian life …”

– John Paul II

What We Need From You

  • Good physical and mental health (with supporting medical certificates)
  • Psychological suitability
  • Evidence of professional, educational, or technical qualifications (university degree, license for a technical trade, registered nursing certificates, etc.)
  • A willingness to serve and share your skills
  • Character references

Some Basic Things to Know

  • Two years of service overseas
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Accommodation provided
  • Cost of living allowance (varies according to local situation)
  • Health insurance covered
  • Accepted VICS volunteers attend an orientation program prior to their assignment overseas
  • Volunteers do not have to  fund raise. There is no out of pocket expense for daily living.

If you think we are a fit, why not fill out our application form? We would love to know more about you:  your aptitudes, qualifications, why you want to live 2 years of service.